Full line of aggregates to meet your needs:

  • #8 Gravel
  • #8 Limestone
  • #67 Gravel
  • #57 Limestone
  • #4 Gravel
  • #4 Limestone
  • Concrete Sand
  • #2 Limestone
  • 310 Fill
  • Topsoil (Screened)
  • Crushed Concrete (304 and 1&2's)

Slinger Trucks

Orrville Trucking has 3 slinger trucks in our fleet. Currently, anything (except #2 Lst) can be thrown. These trucks allow us to place gravel in garages, basements, around footers and just about anyplace within 30' of the back of the truck. Contact dispatch to schedule your load.

Dump Trucks (14-20 tons)

OTG has a fleet of dump trucks that are available to service you aggregate needs.  We can stockpile for your garages, driveways, parking lots, or any other aggregate jobs.

Quad Trailers (25 tons)

For larger commercial projects, where site conditions allow, we can allows deliver larger loads with our semi-tractors with quad trailers.  Please ask dispatch when placing your order to determine if this is a good option for your project.

Computer / GPS Dispatch

From the moment we answer your call Orrville Trucking is using technology to serve you better. Our phone calls are recorded to help eliminate mistakes. The orders are typed into our computer dispatch system and queued for delivery. All of our delivery units are GPS tracked so that we know the location of our trucks at all times. This helps us to make accurate predictions of delivery times. Please stop in and take a look at what we are doing to serve you better.

Text Message to Foreman

We have the capability to send you a text message when your load leaves the yard. This serves to help you prepare for your delivery and saves you time.