Driveway Maintenance

Driveway Maintenance

Extend the Life of your Concrete

Concrete Driveways need to be resealed and how often will depend on the type of sealer that you choose.

For proper installation of concrete, whether it is a pool deck, patio, driveway, or any concrete surface, application of a sealer is a vital step.  The sealer will keep the concrete looking spectacular for many years.  No concrete installation is complete without the application of a sealer to extend its service life.

We recommend using a V Seal 102, a five-year sealer.

V Seal 102 is a penetrating sealer that crystallizes minerals just below the substrate surface. This strengthens the surface, blocks surface moisture intrusion, blocks efflorescence, and keeps stains topical. Penetrating sealers result in a nearly invisible flat appearance.

V Seal 102 product guide

We can seal your driveway for you or simply sell you the sealer.

Applying sealer to a driveway is not difficult, and in most cases, a standard residential driveway can be sealed in less than a day.
Applying a typical driveway sealer does not require expensive equipment or special skills, so a handy do-it-yourselfer can often tackle the project.

We will send you a reminder every 5 years so you do not forget.


  • Protect your investment
  • Make your driveway more stain resistant    
  • Help to protect against popouts    
  • An added layer of protection against salt and other corrosive chemicals